Greetings Dear Ones. My name is LaRonda Zupp. I am a transformational life coach, retreat facilitator, mentor, trainer, presenter and founder of

Turtle Heart Coaching and Retreats.

My passion is to provide opportunities to

Heal, Explore, Awaken, Renew and Transform your life.

What makes my business unique is that I focus primarily on offering coaching and retreats to Deaf and Signing Women.

 If you are:

  • looking for guidance and self-care practices through life changes
  • seeking purpose clarity
  • needing to quiet their inner-critic and make more self-loving choices
  • longing to engage in soulful, creative and spiritually enriching activities, and
  • most importantly, searching for a Deaf Life Coach who communicates in American Sign Language (ASL), and who offers inspirational retreats where you can actively engage with other signing women without communication barriers…

You’ve come to the right place! I can:

  • Inspire you to slow down, go within and listen to your inner-wisdom;
  • Support you in your efforts to engage in ongoing self-awareness, self-care and personal growth;
  • Teach you how to create a more compassionate, trusting and caring relationship with yourself so that you can make empowered, self-loving choices that move you toward a more balanced and joy-filled life;
  • Provide you with opportunities to engage in soulful, transformative play;
  • Assist you with exploring your values, identifying your strengths, and gaining clarity about your purpose, passion and life goals;
  • Highlight tasks to help you move forward through life changes and guide you in navigating any obstacles or detours;
  • Help you overcome challenges and celebrate your successes!


Contact Me:

For more information or to schedule a FREE coaching consultation, contact Coach LaRonda at: LaRondaZupp@gmail.com 


Communication Access:

Deaf/ASLTurtle Heart Coaching & Retreats are facilitated using American Sign Language (ASL). Coach LaRonda welcomes any person who is fluent in ASL whether they are Deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, Deaf-blind, hearing, CODA’s, Interpreters, or sign language students.

DSCN2045Coach LaRonda occasionally works with non-signing individuals and will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations to communicate. She uses visual aids, writing, typing or makes arrangements for interpreters or real time captioning services (CART) and SSP’s when possible.

LaRonda also provides personal and group coaching in-person, on VP (Video Phone), via Facetime, or using other video conferencing technology. Her services are located in Vancouver, Washington, but are available anywhere within the United States.

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